Vaginal Steaming outside of pregnancy

Vaginal Steaming has been known to be used for several uterine issues such as painful cramps during periods, heavy bleeding, and irregular length cycles. Steam increases circulation, which is known to optimize the natural uterine cleanse (periods). Steam improves the movement of residue and stagnation out of the uterus. People can benefit from optimizing the natural uterine cleanse if they have any of the following concerns: painful periods, long periods, short periods, low libido, vaginal dryness, infections such as BV and yeast infections (and more), postpartum recovery, trauma healing, menopause...


Do it yourself: We provide our steam set-up necessities for rental. This includes a steam stool, herbs for 3 steam sessions, and an enameled pot to steam over. We will provide you with instructions on how to steam. A Steam Consultation is not included: this selection is for clients who have already done an intake or are knowledgeable about steaming. Rental period is 3 days. $160

Facilitator-led session: We come to you. Everything will be prepped and led by me, your Certified Steam Practitioner, while you relax and steam away. After your session, we will leave you with instructions so you can try out steaming at home on your own. We will educate you know how to steam without a stool or steam sauna. A Steam Consultation is included in which we will meet virtually on Zoom prior to your steam session appointment to do an intake exam in order to ensure we select the correct herbs, clear you of any contraindications and discuss any sensitivities in order to build a steam plan for your needs. $80

Consultation only: This is for people who will steam on their own, but want to ensure they are steaming safely by doing an intake and having a discussion with a Certified Steam Practitioner. $35