If period pain isn't normal, why did my Dr. say it is?

“If period pain isn’t normal, then why did my doctor/sister/mother/grandma say it is?” Why is period pain touted as normal and complaints of it dismissed? Why are over the counter meds, anti-depressants and birth control given for various period related issues, instead of a deeper look? Well, the short answer is, many doctors just don’t know and regurgitate the same information. This was the answer your grandma might’ve got, gave it to your mom, who told you (just an example). Well, why don’t doctors know? There is very little attention given to what’s going on in our bodies, well, because they don’t care. Little to no funding=little to no research. Many women are told they are being dramatic, imagining it, it’s not big deal, just take this pill, it’ll solve all your problems, etc. The worst part is, much of the “help” offered is invasive or can have major side effects. Many people messaged me saying their doctor prescribed them birth control pills for the pain or they were advised to get a hysterectomy. Like…*insert huge sigh*. And our healers, both ancestral and modern, are made to look uneducated. If we look at the history, very briefly, doctors became the experts on all things bodily and healthy through their own concerted effort to wipe out the competition. Community healers, midwives, grandmothers, etc were targeted by the medical industrial complex, and their work regarded as harmful, woo-woo, and useless because they did not go to some White Male Medical School. Not surprisingly, a lot of medical issues have only been researched on white males. This is dangerous. And when J. Marion Sims was cutting up unanesthetized enslaved Black women, that’s where majority of research on women’s bodies is from. Once he figured out how to perform uterine surgery without killing his Black enslaved subjects, he opened up a university and taught other doctors how to perform surgery on white women, but anesthesia included this time (rot in hell, piece of s$@%). Dude was torturing and murdering Black women, experimenting on them. From this Father of Modern Gynecology’s work is where we get the speculum btw. Anyways, no wonder, minus $$ (or included), why the solution is always surgery, or let’s give you a bandaid (here’s a pill that’s gonna also f%$@ up your hormones that may already be suffering). They can’t give you an answer that’s gonna get to the root of your issue because that’s not what the majority of doctors do, especially with insurance and its various forms involved. Unfortunately, your doctor isn’t going to go in depth about your hormones, environment, and other factors specific to you, unless you dig and find someone who will (special s/o to the Acupuncturists out there). What is one supposed to do when they go to their doctor for help and their doctor has no idea how to even recognize the issue because “it’s normal”. You’ll have to find someone specifically trained in this. Our bodies are not broken! We’re not meant to be in pain all the time, let alone a whole week out every month. Many doctors are plain and simple, not aware of the going-ons in women’s bodies. Misogyny and money y’all. Issues regarded as just women issues haven’t been studied and are not taught to majority of doctors because it’s not important to them. Thank goodness for the tides changing, for more women who care and educate, and holistic healing becoming more mainstream (still lots to do in that realm though or I would not be writing this.) We can take back our power though. We can heal learn how to heal our bodies.

This is not to say doctors are evil, terrible, and useless. On the contrary, we obviously need doctors so don’t be getting in your feelings in my comments PUH LEASE. I want people to know that your solutions do not need to lie in just what your doctor says, because even doctor to doctor is gonna vary, that’s why people get second opinions. What I want you to know is, there can be a solution for you that goes beyond a pill and a surgery.

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