Traditional Postpartum Healing Services Package

Celebrating YOU in the Sacred Postpartum

There is a traditional Moroccan saying, "the new mother's grave is open for 40 days". The physical and mental health of the new mother needs to be nurtured and nourished. The birth experience does not end with delivery. A full, replenishing rest in the Postpartum all around the world is around 40 days, where the "Nafsa" is cared for so that they can care for their new baby without any worries. The body needs time to heal and recover after pregnancy, labor, and delivery. The Postpartum time is a period of rebirth and transformation and one in it should be honored and celebrated.

Our Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Healing Package includes: Moroccan Hamam or healing herbal bath, pelvic steam bath (yoni steaming) enjoyed with a warm cup of tea, a postnatal massage, The Closing of the Bones Ceremony, and Belly-binding. Clients choose what day each week for the 3 weeks that they would like their services on.